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No South Indian house is without this wonderful masala called rasam powder. Once a year, in every household rasam powder is made and kept for a year. Rasam powder varies a little bit community by community as well as region by region. Rasam powder is used in different dishes (like Gojju). Rasam means dal cooked in lots of water with this special powder added to that. We can have the rasam recipe for another day. But today we will just do the rasam powder recipe. (more…)


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When we were growing up, before going off to school we ate thairu saadu. Yogurt rice filled our stomach well and we were ready to walk more than a mile or so to school and ready to learn. This is also one of the delicacies of South India. In South India, lunch or dinner is never complete without eating yogurt rice as the last item. Children usually come to know this and then if they do not want to eat anymore, they say they ate yogurt rice already.

In South India, we have a well balanced diet. Yogurt rice gives us our dairy (with plenty of protein and natural cultures) requirement for the day. Continue reading for the full recipe. (more…)

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